+34 961 812 773 info@thetouringbus.com
+34 961 812 773 info@thetouringbus.com

About us

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

"Do what you love"

Want to know more about us? To do what you enjoy is the essence of motivation. Sharing passion is a way to live life to the fullest. Exploring is our way of life, our way of experiencing and growing. We are, in essence, beauty seekers; in landscapes, in stories, in people…

Insatiable travelers100%
Beauty seekers100%

Exploring together

Imagine that you want to share a secret place, somewhere that holds a special meaning to you. We all have a place like this, a cache in some corner in our part of the world. Once discovered, the admiration never goes away. There is always something else to explore, a story, a detail or, an emotion.

  • Unique experiences
  • Beyond the city
  • Great stories
  • Tradition and culture
  • The great outdoors
  • Memorable trips
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Nature

Our essence

When an enthusiastic group of people creates genuine, fun, and vitalizing experiences, a team is born. Each person shares their own experiences during their trip, which is a part of their journey. If you like what you do, you share your passion. It’s inevitable!
The Touring Bus consists of people with unique experiences and life routes that are all very different. This difference makes the strength of the team. In a way, everyone has a part in the answer and brings something unique and special to the table.

If you need to know more about us, please contact us.

We take care of the environment

Getting to know our natural environment is fundamental to learning how to protect it. Respectfully traveling in a group is the best way to leave a lighter footprint while enjoying the beauty surrounding us.

Involved with local development.

We are aware of the importance of preserve the local communities as they conserve their traditional customs and culture.

Know our story

We enjoy sharing history in a fun way! We discover where we came from to understand who we are and decide where we want to go.